2009 BMW R1200GSA final drive fluid service

BMW has revised their service interval from “lifetime” to every 12k miles. The fluid change and the lubrication of the driveshaft splines can be done in under an hour. I didn’t have my camera handy when I cleaned up the splines, but I’ll update this post when I take new photos.

10mm flange nut: 07119904670
O-ring, drain plug: 33117695219
O-ring, speed sensor: 34527708523

Remove the rear wheel.

Remove the rear fender (if applicable).

Remove rear caliper; use a zip tie or wire to hang the caliper.

If replacing the speed sensor O ring, you’ll need to remove it here.

Remove magnetic drain bolt form bottom of paralever arm; throughly clean this. Use clean gear oil and apply to replacement O ring.

Slowly add 180ml of gear oil; I choose to use synthetic 75W-140.

Some bikes have a fill port to the left of the speed sensor; since I had my sensor out already I choose to fill from this area.

Replace paralever arm nut; if you’ve never replaced this bolt you can reuse it and apply a dab of blue loctite. Purchase a replacement nut for your second fluid change.

Additional Resources:
JVB’s final drive fluid service

My First Solo in a Cessna 172

Calm winds, blue skies. What a perfect day to solo! My instructor and did a few laps around the pattern before he asked me to pull over and let him out. After he got out, he told me to do three take offs and landings before turning to the hanger. Take a trip with me around the pattern, and let me share with you a moment I will never forget.

Aerobatics in the Citabria

Having almost spun the 172 during stall practice, I felt uneasy flying without hands on spin recovery training. After practicing about 10 different spins, I felt much more confident that I could recover from an unintentional spin. I would highly recommend any pilot who has not physically recovered from a spin, find an aerobatic instructor and do it.

Not wanting to land quite yet, what started with basic spin recovery ended up as inverted flight, some snap rolls, and a few hammerheads!

Fiji 2012 – Diving the Beqa Lagoon

People really aren’t kidding when they say this is one of the top dive destinations in the world. So much life, and so much color…can’t wait for the next trip out.

Video was shot using a GoPro2 with the GoPro dive housing on an Ultralight tray with two Sola Video 2000s. The Solas were great at night, but during the day I had to get really close in order to pick up the light on the GoPro. Topside video shot on my 5D3 on a Glidecam. Everything was edited together in Final Cut X.